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Affiliate Studio has a 30 day hold and requires a minimum of $25 USD before payment can be sent. You can choose how you are paid on the payment details page

Affiliate Studio makes use of browser cookies and other methods to track each visitor you send. The cookie is stored for 30 days so if your lead returns and makes a purchase, you'll get credit.

Some of our vendors offer free trials for various services like web hosting for example. Free trials are generally limited to just a few days and your affiliate tracking cookie is valid for 30. If your lead upgrades to a paid service within the 30 day period, you'll get credit for it! Free trial orders will still appear in your affiliate dashboard, you won't get any commission for them unless the customer upgrades or orders a new service/product. Free trials are a great way to gain new leads and customers.

Embedding your custom affiliate link in your own website, blog or apps is easy and an excellent way to get new sales. Placing the links or banner ads in optimal locations on your website that attract relevant leads is a guaranteed method used by professional online marketers world wide. For example, let's say your website's category is in the music industry and you have a page related to streaming. Next to the player audio (or video), you could place a banner or text ad link advertising stream hosting (perhaps the visitor wants to stream his or her own content) Social networks like Facebook, X, Instagram or You Tube can also be great places to post your affiliate urls. Since these are 3rd party sites, ensuring your post doesn't appear to be spam it's vital you post only relevant links. It's also a good idea to use a short link generator (search Google for "shorten link"). The gold is to keep your post up as long as possible and prevent getting flagged or worse have your account banned.

Earn up to 50% Commissions on sales with payout thresholds at only $25

Withdraw your earnings to Paypal, CashApp, Western Union or postal mail

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